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Steve Gold
104 páginas
Ano 2016
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Just Who Was Steve Jobs & How Was He Able To Achieve So Much In The Areas Of Creativity, Design, Entrepreneurship & Business? - - NOW INCLUDES A FREE BOOK! (See below for details) From his adoption when still an infant to becoming Steve Jobs that we all know; the iconic visionary who played a large part in making Apple the massive success story it is today, this book we will take a closer look at the man himself as well as the key lessons we can draw from his life. Part biography, part motivational manual, we will look at Steve Jobs' story with a strong focus on the keys to his success and the principles which allowed him to become the truly one of a kind entrepreneur, designer and creative genius that he was. In this book you'll learn about: The Importance Of Innovating In Order To Stay Ahead Steve Jobs' Take On Dealing With Setbacks Why Jobs Believed In Keeping Things Simple How To Lead By Example & Why We Should Settle For Nothing Less Than The Best Why We Must Have A Strong Purpose In Life Why Catering To What People Need Is The Key Steve Jobs' Take On Living Life To The Fullest The Value In Choosing The Path Less Travelled Memorable & Motivational Quotes Jobs' Most Famous Speech You will see how, from relatively humble beginnings, Steve Jobs was able to not only co-found a successful business in what was at the time a cutting-edge industry, but also how he was able to play such a huge part in Apple becoming one of the biggest and most successful companies in the history of man. His remarkable and motivational story illustrates that with vision, drive and determination, we really are able to achieve great things. Click the buy now button above for instant access. Also included are 2 FREE GIFTS! - A sample of my book, "Elon Musk - The Biography of a Modern Day Renaissance Man", and a full length, FREE BOOK - Connect: Simple Steps to Instant Likability, Rapport, and a Great First Impression included with your purchase!

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ISBN 10: 1523911433

ISBN 13: 9781523911431

Editora: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Edição: -

Ano: 2016

Páginas: 104

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