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Daniel C. Luz
272 páginas
Ano 2016
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INSIGHT By the best-seller Brazilian author Daniel C. Luz The happiest human beings all have one thing in common: they've searched for excellence, and learned how an insight into how they live their lives, and the impact that their feelings, thoughts and opinions exert on the world is the only path to true contentment and everlasting joy. -------------- INSIGHT is warm and supportive inspirational book to help ease worry and panic by bestselling author Daniel C Cruz - new edition for 2016 by Editora DVS BRAZIL. Drawing on his own experience as a radio talk-show presenter and inspirational speaker, Daniel shares his insights into these extremely common and often distressing questions we face on our day to day struggle to survive the vicissitudes of existence, with compassion and a sense of subtle humour. He reveals the elements that commonly contribute to anxiety, negative thinking and fear of the future, relationship with others and lead us down the path to better understand what has become such a problem for many of us. Each entry is a simple, lucid advice on how to accept aspects of your life, life or the life of others that made Daniel a well-know and admired figure in his own country.

Mais informações

ISBN 10: 8582891253

ISBN 13: 9788582891254

Editora: DVS Editora

Edição: -

Ano: 2016

Páginas: 272

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